Jacqueline Marcoux-Boriack, DVM

Hi, my name is Jacqueline Marcoux-Boriack. I grew up overseas in England and Singapore. In Singapore, at the age of 12, I started volunteering as kennel help and a tech assistant during the summers. We moved to the US when I was 14 years old. I attended High School of the Performing and Visual Arts with a major in dance. In 1988, I went to Ecuador for a summer to vaccinate dogs against Rabies with a group called Amigos de las Americas. I had, at this point, made up my mind that I wanted to work with animals in some regard. I considered going into endangered species research or veterinary medicine, however, I was yet to decide. I attended the University of Texas at Austin and received my Bachelor of Science in Zoology with pre-vet requisites. It was during this time I committed my life to Christ.

I then attended Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1996. I met my future husband that same year. We were married four and a half years later. We have two children, a daughter and a son. We have a little Corgi-Chihuahua mix named Oliver and a giant mixed-breed, Nova. We also have Hazel, our chubby spoiled little bottle-fed Kitten, and Storm our delightful deaf clinic kitty.

I have been a veterinarian for over 23 years now. Over these years, I have been honored to serve and to learn from each of my precious patients. I am so profoundly grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of so many families’ lives and to be entrusted to care for their beloved furry family members. For fun, I love to spend time with my family, study The Word, read, travel, snorkel, sail, horseback ride, and go to the theater.

The start of Egret Bay Veterinary Hospital was not your standard entrepreneurial business venture. Instead, it was a call out of my comfort zone, by God, to take me into a place where my faith would be greatly challenged and grow. I have never had any interest in business or material gain, so it seemed a very odd call for me. I always hoped He would call me into the jungle of Africa, or South America. I finally surrendered my will, and said if you want this to happen Lord, you will have to make it happen. That’s when an incredible journey of faith-stretching, white-knuckled praying, and amazing examples of God’s provision and grace began. I could literally write a book on the miracles that have occurred in this place! Now years later, under the shelter of His wing and much prayer, we have watched the Lord grow our family. We delight in offering ourselves to His service each day and it is our prayer that we would be a light to our community, a source of love, healing and blessing to those He brings though our door. We are excited to see what the Lord has planned and how He intends on using our lives for His glory.

Christina Fenton, DVM

Dr. Christina Fenton grew up in Leander, a small town on the outskirts of Austin. When she was two years old, she told her mother that she wanted to be either a doctor or a ditch-digger when she grew up. As time passed, she dispensed with the ditch-digging idea, but becoming a doctor had stuck with her. In eighth grade, for a class project, she interviewed her family vet, and it was then that she decided she wanted to be a veterinarian. In high school, she began volunteering at this same vet’s office and got her first job there working in the kennels. She knew right away that this was her calling.

She attended Texas A&M for both her undergraduate and veterinary degrees, earning her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Science and graduating from Vet School in May 2007. She then moved to Gilmer, a small town in East Texas to work in a mixed practice there. It was while living in Gilmer that she met her husband through the singles class at their church. They married in 2009. A year later, they moved to Cypress and have been in the Houston area ever since. They moved to Galveston in the fall of 2016 and Dr. Fenton joined the Egret Bay family a year later.

Prior to Egret Bay, she also spent a year working with Lap of Love, an in-home pet hospice/end-of-life service here in the Houston area. While this was often an emotional job, she found great blessing in it to meet a great many wonderful families and their precious pets. She witnessed the human-animal bond at its finest and was blessed to be able to help ease pain, improve quality of life, and when they were ready, to ensure that these four-legged family members passed with the grace and dignity they so deserved.

When she is here at the clinic, her passions include client education, preventive medicine, and surgery. God allows her to serve clients by helping to strengthen the bond between a family and their beloved pets, ensuring that those pets stay happy and healthy throughout their lives. It is truly an honor for her to be able to serve clients and their furry family members!

Her husband and she have been blessed with three beautiful children, a girl and two boys. Working part-time at Egret Bay allows her to stay at home with her kids during the rest of the week and just be a mom to them. They enjoy going to the park, the beach, the children’s museum, and the library together. They love spending time together as a family. They are also active members of First Baptist Church in Galveston.

Samantha Pena
Practice Manager

Samantha grew up in Houston, TX. At the age of 5, Samantha toyed with many career paths: a ballerina, a lawyer, a police officer, a waitress on skates. Ultimately, she decided on being a veterinarian due to her love for animals. Something that’s stuck until this day.

At the age of 11, Samantha moved to Malaysia for 2 years after her mother remarried. During her time there, she found her love for ethnic food and traveling.

Upon moving back to Texas, she found herself in League City. She graduated from Clear Horizons Early College High School with her diploma and an Associate’s degree. She then continued on her education and life-long dream of attending Texas A&M University. There she worked with many species of animals including reptiles, alpacas, opossums, and songbirds through research projects and as an officer of Aggies for Animal Rescue. She graduated in 3 years with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences and a certificate in Public Health Entomolgy.

She found Egret Bay Veterinary Hospital during her 3rd year of college and began her internship. She came to love the environment, the people, and the camaraderie she found here. During her internship, she adopted a cat named Wren that was found in the bushes in front of the clinic. They’re now inseparable at home. After her internship, she was thankfully offered a position as a technician assistant. Her ultimate goal is to attend Texas A&M’s professional DVM program, but, for now, she’s continuing to build her skills and knowledge here.

Cressa Bell
Office Manager/Lead Receptionist

Cressa was born and raised in Houston and has lived in League City since she was the age of twelve. She graduated from Clear Falls High School in 2015 and soon after moved to San Marcos where she attended Texas State University. Since a child, she had aspired to become a veterinarian but her course in life led her to pursue a degree in business management instead. She is currently a student at the University of Houston Clear Lake, pursuing her new goals. Her love for animals and Christ led her back to Egret Bay, where she formerly completed a CVA internship.

When she is not working, Cressa enjoys spending time with her significant other and their fur baby Sonny, a two-year-old pit bull rescue. She also enjoys reading and attending services at Citymark Church in League City. She loves the morals and foundation that Egret Bay is built upon and wants to continue to do God’s work in her community through the clinic.

Heather Sepulveda
Veterinary Technician/Receptionist

Heather is originally from Galveston, where she attended Ball High School and played volleyball for her entire high school career. After graduation, she attended Blinn College in Bryan, Texas but decided to move back home to help her family after Hurricane Ike. She later attended the Vet Tech Institute of Houston, from which she graduated in 2013, receiving her AAS in Veterinary Technology. During her time at VTI, she served as the events coordinator for the student government and received an awards medal for perfect attendance.

She grew up watching wildlife documentaries and rescuing animals such as turtles, squirrels, and birds with her stepfather; this only fueled her interest as she went on to accept and complete an externship in Sausalito, CA at the Marine Mammal Center. There, she was able to work with animals such as sea lions, seals, and otters, as well as assist veterinarians on surgeries, rescues, rehabilitation, and releases. She also volunteered at various other places, working with sea turtles, lions, tigers, wolves, horses, and many other wild animals, with one such place being Moody Gardens, where she worked with penguins and exotics animals in the rain forest.

Heather’s beautiful family includes her son JC, her niece Amerika, and her fur babies, Sammie (a Shepherd/Collie mix that she adopted from VTI), and Delilah (a Great Pyrenees mix). The love that Heather found working with wildlife and her own companion animals lead her to pursue her dream in the field of veterinary medicine.

In 2015, Heather accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and was later baptized at Citymark Church in 2016. She is currently serving her community and working at Egret Bay as Practice Manager, and is also a part of two non-profit organizations that Egret Bay has teamed up with for community outreach: Night of Worship Houston & Yellow Door Outreach.

Lena Rodriguez

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Jessica Iraheta
Lead Veterinary Technician

Family orignally from El Salvador, Jessica was born in Los Angeles, CA but grew up in Las Vegas, NV. Due to economic issues, her family decided to move to Houston. She currently lives with her mother, sister and 5 fur babies: Howl (Pointer Mix), Thunda (Siamese), Nimbus (Siamese Mix), Cloud and Grass (Budgie).

She graduated from Clear Brook High School in 2011 and later attended the Vet Tech Institute of Houston where she received her AAS in Veterinary Technology in 2013. During her time at VTI, Jessica came to discover herself and found lifelong friendships. Upon graduation, she was offered an internship and then a place in the Egret Bay family.

Jessica enjoys reading and spending time with her family and pets in her free time. She also offers a pet sitting service to clients and pet owners who are in need of specific care for their pets. Her decision to pursue a career in the veterinary field comes from a love of pets, no matter how big or small. She gets a satisfaction from knowing that she can provide TLC to pets and ensuring that their family gets to spend another day with their fur baby.

Aileen Luu
Veterinary Technician

Aileen is an avid lover of all things dinosaur, French macarons and furry animals, but not in that particular order.

She grew up in Beaumont, TX and has always had a love for animals and the care of, to which that passion has grown since being a part of Egret Bay and working in the veterinary field.

She graduated in 2006 from Hillsboro High School and continued her education at the University of Dallas for a short semester before returning to Beaumont where she attended Lamar University, trying to attain a degree in both Biology and English. She then moved to Houston and attended the Vet Tech Institute of Houston, from where she graduated in 2015 with an AAS in Veterinary Technology.

Upon graduation, she was blessed with an opportunity to join the Egret Bay family after having finished her internship with them and has been here since then.

Aileen currently lives in League City with her husband, Rene whom was a fellow classmate at VTI and is also employed at Egret Bay. They are blessed with two sons, Rylan and Aren. They also have two fur babies, Emerson and Scooby, of which the latter was adopted through the kennel program at VTI.

Through His plans, Aileen hopes to continue to grow in experience and faith, being an instrument of the Lord to serve the community and those around her.

Rene Uy
Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in Houston, Rene attended and graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Houston in December of 2015 with an AAS in Veterinary Technology. His mission is to try and make those that he serves feel welcomed and at home at Egret Bay just like he does, part of an extended family.

His passion for companion animals stems from the loss of a puppy who prematurely lost his life simply due to the lack of proper education of preventative care. From there, Rene has since been a big advocate on educating clients and ensuring the best possible life for their fur babies.

Rene is able to share this passion with his wife and coworker, Aileen. God has blessed them with two beautiful boys, Rylan and Aren. He also cares for their two fur babies, Emmy and Scooby. With the help of his wonderful work family, he hopes to help spread and share the love of Christ to the community, bringing hope and faith where it is needed.

Morgan Webb, LVT
Veterinary Technician

Morgan grew up in Alaska and moved to Texas in 2013. She quickly fell in love with Texas and has loved every minute since. Coming from a small town, there were not many options for her to expand her knowledge of animals; all she knew was that she wanted to work with animals in some way. Upon moving to Texas, she researched schools and programs that would provide a way for her to dive deeper into the studies of veterinary medicine. She discovered the Vet Tech Institute of Houston and full-heartedly decided that she wanted to become a veterinary technician.

She graduated from Clear Creek High School in 2015 and soon after attended the Vet Tech Institute of Houston, from which she graduated in 2016 with an AAS in Veterinary Technology.

Morgan currently resides in League City with her two fur babies, Dani and Leo. When she is not working, Morgan fills her time with babysitting and pet sitting, which are two of her favorite things. She also loves reading, serving in the Children’s Ministry at Clear Creek Community Church, and anything involving the beach.

Sarah Cook, LVT
Veterinary Technician

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Sarah Simmerman
Veterinary Technician

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Darlene Duarte
Veterinary Technician

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Amy Shryock
Tech Assistant

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